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Note: All images are not in chronological order. Most if not all drawings are dated. CURRENT STATUS: All of the drawings are kept in an envelope inside my colorful drawers set. I gave Michelle her drawing laminated.

Drawings for Michelle: I met Michelle through the Blood Pact and we have been to trio shows and an art show together. She has to be the nicest friend I ever had. I offered to do some drawings of her and Matt. So far I have completed the two below.

Bleeder: "And you broke me like the cigarette". It's not that clear but smoke is coming off of Matt's head. He's wearing all white clothes and his tan shoes for a reason. I like how this turned out. Michelle looks like a classic black and white movie star or femme fatale.

Michelle: "You came to me like a dream" from Bleeder as well. Matt looks a bit off but you get the point.

Random drawings: Drawings mostly inspired from lyrics or pictures that I liked.

My Chemical Romance?: I have had this idea for a while but kept forgetting to draw it. I finally did and here it is. It's more comedic than the other pieces; that includes the title.

Clavicle: This one is for 3mma. I used gouache for the first time here so it's not really clear. On the curves of her clavicles, there's black lipstick that came off of Matt's lips.

Tuck Me In: I had many ideas for this one for a while now so I finally decided to draw one of them because the I finally figured out how to complete the idea. The exact lyrics are "Tuck me into where I'm falling, where I can feel the heat rise underneath my wings and all the fallen angels in hell will tuck me away from you".

Three: I am not really pleased with Derek's nose. I thought Matt's nose was the hardest to draw but I may be wrong about that. I originally did not want to post this picture because of that mistake but decided to anyway since this site is for all my trio fanart. CURRENT STATUS: Given to Henry, another big fan of the trio.

Take Lots With Alcohol: Time for another Dan drawing. This one didn't turn out so great. It looks a little too plain to me. I guess Dan wasn't as easy to draw as I originally thought. Plus dust isn't the easiest thing in the world to draw.

Blue in the Face: I remember someone said Derek posed like a suicide girl in the Post Mortem picture on the board, so I used that picture and placed him in a coffin I made up. I really like this one; hopefully most of you cannot catch the little mistake here.

Zombie Derek (Derek's avatar): I wanted to draw this for a while now so I finally got to it today. It turned out alright but the eyes could be a bit better if I used less black inside the pupil. It was hard to get that part down since the avatar is really small.

I Lied my Face off: I realized that I drew too many pictures of Matt so I decided to balance it out by working on Dan. I chose this song because it's my favorite by Dan. This one turned out well even though the skull and the skin aren't easily distinguishable. I think the face looks more realistic than my usual cartoony style and the black and white and grey give it a more serious tone.

Baphomet: The idea for this drawing just creeped upon me one day because I haven't drawn anything trio-related in a while. Also, I had been talking to sinker on the forum about baphomets. Too bad the circle isn't perfect and I traced the skull. That skull is incredibly difficult to draw, but I guess I should have tried. Also, Nolan doesn't look so great because I didn't have many pictures to choose from and the only good one was blurry.

Emma: Emma is one of my favorite songs off Good Mourning and I love to play and sing along to it on guitar, so I decided to draw something related to it. Just in case you can't tell, inside the box are a bottle of Vicodin with two pills outside, a wooden stake, and one silver bullet. To the right is a "poinsettia in poison rain".

Blood Pact Fan Art: Originally there was a contest for fan art but nothing ever came of it. I still have have my artwork though.

Blood Pact: This one is actually kind of corny because of the tag line. It seems kind of like an advertisement. I decided to make them vampires because they looked like it. Matt looks like Dracula, Dan like Nosferatu, and Derek like a vampire from Buffy.

Hands: The term blood pact made me think of people cutting their hands and shaking on it. So here's a living person's hand, a monster's hand and a skeleton's hand about to come together.

Heads: This one is actually pretty gruesome. I got the idea for it and was really pleased with the outcome. Matt could look better though I guess. Notice what the heads are on, an upside-down cross.

Drawings for Doreen: I met Doreen on the old trio message boards and we've been talking ever since. She had sent me tons of mp3s so I decided to draw some things for her in return. She chose the lyrics from the following songs for me to draw. If you want to guess the lyrics based on the drawings, don't scroll down. She has copies of the original image files.

Maybe I'll Catch Fire: This house is full of ears, But I can't talk to anyone. They've heard this one a thousand times. Most exciting thing I do, Hang half way out a third floor window, Maybe throw lit cigarettes down.

You're Dead: And I now have nothing But your heartbeat in my head And a photograph of my traveling friend

Trouble Breathing: You told me that the daylight burned you And that the sunrise was enough to kill you. I said maybe you're a vampire. You said it's quite possible, I feel truly dead inside.

You said tonight is a wonderful night to die. I asked you how you could tell, You told me to look at the sky. Look at all those stars, Look at how goddamn ugly the stars are.

This Could Be Love: Step 1: slit my throat Step 2: play in my blood Step 3: cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing out of the house Step four: stop off by Edgebrook Creek And rinse your crimson hands You took me hostage and made your demands I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers One By One

More random drawings: Hopefully more to come in the future!

Sketches: This was just from my sketchbook for my Acrylic painting class. Most are drawings of the Blood Pact members (recognize yourselves?) and some silly ideas. My favorite is probably the battery trio or the three coffins.

Skiba: Silly drawings of Matt with money in flames. Not sure where this idea came from. Am I forgetting some lyrics? I haven't yet made it through their whole discography yet in my re-listening. On the right, just playing with some fonts for his infamous last name hence the title.

Past Live SF: Fan art inspired by the Past Live tour in San Francisco. Seems like the set list has been the same for every city. First night: My Shame is True and goddamnit. Second night: This Addiction and Maybe I'll Catch Fire. Third night: Agony & Irony and From Here To Infirmary. Last night: Crimson and Good Mourning.



Derek MUNNY: It took me about 2 hours to paint this with acrylic. I think it turned out well though it could better. It's a zombie Derek with drumsticks! I gave it to Henry as a birthday present. I didn't actually sculpt this; I just painted a plain MUNNY.

A casket to call my own: A casket with a cross and heart design and a skull and some bones. This sculpture and the following two are unpainted and are displayed in my closet on the top shelf.

Dead cherub: "Give us back our eyes" is written on the side. Not that this cherub has no eyes and has an outstretched hand, which did not turn out so well. The alkaline trio heart is also carved in.

Girl Becoming a Tree: Generally, horror-inspired, not necessarily Trio-inspired, but I decided to include it here. I think this turned out pretty well, especially her fingers.